Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saturday, December 18, 2010

“Working Out with Co-Works”

Happy New Year 2011 / Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Adiós año viejo y Bienvenido seas 2011! Ósea, cuantos de ustedes ya están planeando ir al GYM? Since losing weight is the number 1 solution I am going to give you guys the 411... It so happens that everyone around here wants to join to the GYM. We have a new gym here at work with a big sign that says “COMING SOON”  (los quiero ver en febrero, marzo...haber cuantos siguen yendo). The gym hasn't even opened and everyone here at work is going bonkers over it. Wondering what classes they are going to be offering, like Yoga, kickboxing, aerobics and the usual.  We all know many of us sign a contract and end-up getting screwed (it happen to me last year) as we don’t use the membership and have to pay for it.

I'm not sure I would want to go workout there? Come on? Do I want to really want to work out with my co-workers to who see me at work stuffing my face with Pan Dulce every morning and waiting for the Lonchera? Sometimes I even have 3 tacos de carnitas or carne asada. Let’s be real people what a contradiction! I can see myself gear up to workout with my easy-tone sneakers, iPod, power balance bracelet ready to burn some calories, but how long will it really last! Breaking through the door (with the Rocky Balboa song in the background)...  Let alone I sweat like a pig and go from different shades of colors on my face. From pale to pink (warming-up) red (hot) and purple (over heated from the plastic bags I have worn all around my stomach and back to burn the LONJAS. (Hahaha). Y cuando sudas, sudas de todas esas partes nobles. Por ejemplo; el sobaco, la ingles, espalda baja, las nachas y claro “LA COLA” (hahaha) it’s true! If you ever workout you know what am talking about.

The Colombian
Lets talk about my co-worker “The Colombian”, he works-out and always and I mean always talks about the “vejayjay” (what guy isn't). Cute little guy( too short for my taste) in his early 30’s always looking to get some(if you know what I mean). Me dice “oye chica, vamos al Gym hay te enseño unas cuantas cosicas” in his strong Colombian accent. Imagine having my co-worker that is always talking about ass look at my Nachas full of cellulite? (don't think he would) but anyways.

“Body Juices”
The body happens to have its own odors. Some have very strong odors! Y el cuerpo suelta su JUGO( my brothers once said its smells like hot-ass LOL). Chale, there is always the guys who passes gas or burps (who wants to know what you had for lunch) nasty. Thank God for those sanitizing wipes that they have at the gym!

It is not that I am against the GYM or the people who work-out. 
I am not sure if I want to see my co-workers working out and want them to see me work-out! To each its own... Maybe if I was this Hot Se
ñorita I wouldn't mine!

At the end of the day what is important is to follow through with your goals even if it means going to work out with our “co-workers”. That is why we are there, right? Of course, the girl next to us looks super hot in her gym clothes! Maybe she'll be nice to turn around and say I have lost 60lbs (yeah right)... You can do it!!!! STAY COMMITTED (embarrassed face). I really wish everyone the best in trying to reach their number one goal! Like they say one day at a time... Take it day by day... Be strong and always remember that YOUR REWARD is to be one pound less, one size less... It is NOT TO BE ABLE TO HAVE “THE ONE FREE DAY”!!! Where “we” go stuff ourselves with “Guilt and REGRET” and that little voice deep inside of us, saying you shouldn't had eaten all that. Whatever you eat enjoy it and don't regret it...

My best wishes to you all and I really hope that this year we achieve our goals. You never know what you are capable of doing until you do it!